Hate losing loyal customers or see them driving away to big shopping malls?
Keep more of your customers
As automobiles and congestion increase, street parking becomes harder and harder to find. Unfortunately, this has huge ramifications for small businesses on our streets. The lack of street parking is turning even the most loyal customers away from their favourite shops and restaurants and directing them to new malls and plazas with guaranteed parking spots.

As a result, more and more street shops are suffering, with some even being forced to close. But independent shops are the lifeblood of our community. These businesses provide our cities with character & charm. And we think Parklook can help to make sure it stays that way.

What is Parklook?

Parklook is a new mobile application designed for drivers specifically looking for street parking. Rather than circling the block and getting fed up, as is usually the case these days, our app connects drivers with other users who are about to leave their spot, and even directs them to it. This saves significant time and hassle.

We think if more people used Parklook, they’d be more inclined to keep driving to their favourite street shops, because the issue of parking would be so much easier.

With your help, we can get Parklook into the hands of your community & customers and help to ensure the street thrives!

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How the app works?

Simple & smoothly! As easy as your customers book anything online through many other apps which is usual these days.

And they can even earn up to £2.00 from us when they’re leaving a street parking place near your shop & secure the place for your next visitors. Amazing, right?

Check the app description here & read our Terms.

When & Where?

The app is available for free downloads at Apple Store & Google Play and is currently supported in Bristol area (UK).

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What you can do to help?

Get the word out to your customers about our app & assure them that street parking near your business will be getting easier to find soon. Tell them about Parklook when they come into your shop.

Post about Parklook on your Instagram or Facebook page. Use your database to reach them through email. We’ve even provided a template you can copy & paste.

In other words, get the word out any way you can! And we’ll help. Together, we can keep the character and authenticity of our communities thriving!

How to ?

Let your customers know through your social media by clicking.

Download template email to customise and send to your customers.


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Do we protect customers’ data?

Certainly! Read our Privacy Policy here.

We encrypt all of the data we collect & store and even go further by replacing the real identity of our users with unique identifiers. Everything is stored in the UK, adequately secured and used strictly in compliance will all applicable law.

We are registered by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as a data controller with reference number ZA476582 and are subject to the GDPR and applicable UK data protection laws.

Does the app work only on shopping streets?

Not only. It’s one of many examples where Parklook could be of help. The app can be used in any area of the city for daily parking needs & helping others.

Parklook is for everywhere & everyone to encourage community-driven information sharing and make our cities flow smarter!

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Open the app and tap Parking. Select the time when you need a spot.
Input location for your street parking if it differs from your current one. Use Parklook Parking icon button when you wish to confirm the spot you’re interested in. Follow the directions to get there.
You can also search our interactive map or input any specific location to check and accept any available street parking offers marked as Parking offer icon Parklook
We’ll show you details of the other user’s vehicle waiting for you at the parking spot. Use Parking call other user icon if you wish to make an in-app call to such user. No worries, your real number will never be disclosed.
Don’t forget to share the street parking spot when you’re ready to leave to get paid for helping the community.
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You’ll be leaving anyways. With Parklook leaving means earning!
Tap Leaving and follow the directions on the screen to create your street parking offer. By placing your offer far in advance of your departure, you’ll give the community more time to accept it and avoid late arrivals.
Wait for someone to accept your offer. If your spot is confirmed, then it’s as easy as you pulling out, and them pulling in, and you’ll earn £2.00 for that. Just for the smallest of favours for helping the community!
We’ll show you details of the other user’s vehicle arriving to your place. Use Parking call other user icon if you wish to make an in-app call to such user. No worries, your real number will never be disclosed.
You can also search our interactive map for any available street parking requests marked as Parking offer icon Parklook and accept the one which meets your departure time