Privacy Policy Overview

Below is a short summary of our privacy policy. This summary is not exhaustive. The full version of our privacy policy is available here .

What is Parklook App?

  1. Parklook (the App) is a mobile application (an online platform) through which you may notify other users about the upcoming availability of street parking spaces within a specified location at a specified time and/or may have the convenience of knowing when and where a street parking space will become available from other users within a particular location.
  2. Further information about our App can be found in our Terms of Service available here and in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) available here.

Who operates the App?

  1. The App is operated by Parkflow UK Limited (we, us or our), a company incorporated in accordance with the laws of England and Wales with company number 11561580 and registered office at 4 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2AU.
  2. We are registered by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) as a data controller with reference number ZA476582 and are subject to the GDPR and applicable UK data protection laws. The ICO register is publicly available for inspection at

How we deal with your data?

  1. In order to operate the App, we need to collect and store the minimum data necessary to ensure a smooth user experience and prove how transactions took place or failed. There is very little information that could be used in combination with other information from other systems. Furthermore, we replace the real identity of our users with our unique identifier and encrypt all of the data which we collect and store.
  2. All personal data which we collet is stored in the UK, adequately secured and used strictly in compliance will all applicable law, including the GDPR. We are not selling, and we will not sell, any data that we collect about you to any advertisers or other third parties.

Why we collect your data?

  1. To register your account with our App, we request certain basic information, such as your name and email address. This is required to understand who our customers are and to make sure we have your contact details for any updates, customer support and general informational needs. We don’t disclose your name and contact details to other users.
  2. Your valid email address is also required to make sure you’ll receive our payouts since we currently make all payments via PayPal and by electronic gift cards which are sent by email.
  3. We request minimum information about your vehicle, such as colour, type and only 3 last characters of your vehicle’s registration number (but never full number). This is required to make sure other users can find your vehicle at a street parking place they’ve booked from you via our App and so you do when you book parking from another user. Otherwise, it will be impossible to find the relevant vehicle on the street among many others (often similar) and our App will be of zero help.
  4. The type of your vehicle is also required to make sure that we match you only with the right-sized parking spaces. If you wish so, the App allows you to provide additional information, such as brand or model of your vehicle.
  5. We ask for your mobile phone number to make sure you can do in-app calls to other users when you need to find their vehicle at a street parking space and the other users can do the same.
  6. We never disclose your mobile number to other users and will never show you another user’s number. All in-app calls are made through our internal call forwarding system which needs you real number only for the right connection and putting you through. We don’t, and will not, record any user-to-user voice calls.
  7. Finally, we will ask you to turn on location tracking at all times whilst using our App. If you turn off location tracking, we cannot connect you with other users and ensure you have a successful parking exchange via our App.
  8. Moreover, we will not make a payout to you if we are unable to establish that your vehicle was actually parked within a specified location at a specified time. This means we may disadvantage you if any dispute arises.

Any questions?

  1. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) available here or contact us by messaging on our website or via your user area in the App or by email to