Parklook payouts - 23.04.19 old

How much do we pay?

  1. As a general rule, we pay for each parking offer you submit to our app and additionally for each parking exchange you make with another user of our app. A payout for a parking exchange is made only to the user who’ve offered the relevant parking place via our app, but not the one who’ve booked and then taken that space from the offeror.
  2. At the moment, we suggest £1.00 for each parking offer and £1.00 for each parking exchange for a total of £2.00. If you are a taxi or professional driver with a special arrangement with us, we may pay you an hourly rate or an increased amount for each parking offer and/or for each parking exchange depending on the terms of our arrangement.
  3. In addition, every week we’ll select at our discretion the most active users who create regular parking offers and make regular parking exchanges with others via our app. The winners will receive a sum of £10.00£50.00 (at our choice) as our appreciation award in addition to any other payments to which they’ll be entitled.

For how long this scheme works?

  1. These T&Cs apply from the 25th of March 2019. We reserve the right, on a weekly basis, to increase or decrease the amounts that we’ll pay, introduce additional conditions to payments or discontinue certain or all payouts at our sole discretion. We also reserve the right to delay, postpone or cancel this payout scheme at any time in the event of circumstances outside our reasonable control.
  2. Any changes to these T&Cs will be published on our website and circulated to all registered users by email & via our app. Any such changes will apply for the future, not backwards.

What is a parking offer and exchange?

  1. Parking offer is a notification of other users via our app about the current location of your street parking spot and the time you’ll be leaving that spot. To make your parking offer, tap Leaving button in the app and follow the directions to complete the offer. Once created, your parking offer will be marked in orange colour on the app’s interactive map.
  2. You can also check any requests for parking made by other users and accept the one which meets your requirements. All such requests will be marked in green colour on the app’s interactive map. Accepting a request for parking will count towards creating your parking offer.
  3. Parking exchange is an actual exchange of an on-street (public) parking place with another user of our app which happens after you’ve offered that place via our app and the offer was accepted by such user or after you’ve accepted such user’s request for parking, whichever is the case.

Do any conditions apply?

  1. The use of Parklook app is subject to our Terms of Service available here and our Privacy Policy available here. You must have a valid account with Parklook app with all necessary personal information provided to qualify for a payout. As a condition to a payout, we may periodically ask you to rate our app at Apple Store or Google Play and/or to share our app on your social channels.
  2. Your car must be actually (physically) parked on an on-street (public) parking place in respect of which you’re making a parking offer or accepting another user’s request. A parking offer or a parking exchange made in respect of a private parking space or garage (whether on-street, off-street or other) will not qualify for a payout.
  3. This payout scheme applies only to parking offers & parking exchanges which are geographically located/made in Bristol, UK. We reserve the right not to make a payout to anyone who is not eligible to participate in this payout scheme or is in breach of these T&Cs.

When we don’t’ pay?

  1. All parking offers and exchanges will be carefully monitored for any fraud or suspicious activity, including by analysing location data. If you don’t allow us to track your location while using our app, you immediately lose your entitlement to receive any payouts and participate in this scheme any further.
  2. Based on our estimates, a driver could usually make on average 1-4 street parkings per day. If you claim to have made a higher number of daily parkings with our app, all your offers & parking exchanges will be additionally checked for fraud before a payout could be made. If we identify any fraud, fake or framed-up offer, exchange or other transaction you’ve made via our app, you immediately lose your entitlement to receive any payouts and participate in this scheme any further.
  3. Fraud, fake or framed-up offers, exchanges or transactions include, but are not limited to: (i) “pre-arranged” deals when you specifically agree or arrange an exchange of parking place with another user other than through our app or (ii) when you or another user confirms the exchange of parking via our app while no actual swap of cars in an on-street parking space happens or (iii) when the exchange of parking is made other than in an on-street (public) parking place for cars or (iv) is made in a place or at a time where/when no parking of cars is allowed.
  4. We’ll not pay for a parking offer if you (i) cancel it after posting to our app or (ii) leave the parking spot before the departure time you’ve selected while making the offer or (iii) don’t make the parking spot available when the other user arrives. We’ll not pay for a parking exchange if you make the spot available to anyone else other than the user who’ve booked it from you via our app.
  5. If your offer is accepted by another user but such user is late or cancels booking, you’ll be paid for your parking offer (provided you haven’t cancelled it or left the parking spot earlier than your selected departure time).
  6. We’ll not make a payout for a parking offer or parking exchange if you turn off location tracking on your mobile device whilst using our app. If location tracking is turned off, we are unable to establish that your vehicle was actually parked within a specified location and/or at a specified time.
  7. Finally, we don’t anticipate high demand for street parking during night time, therefore at the moment we only pay for parking offers which suggest others to park at any time from 7:30 in the morning until 20:00 in the evening of the same day.

How payments are made?

  1. Payouts will be made weekly, on the first business day following the week in question, based on the total number of actual parking offers and parking exchanges made during the week. You can always check the total amount accrued (earned) in your personal profile in the app.
  2. As our primary payment method, we make payouts via PayPal (UK) to your personal PayPal account. Therefore, you need to have or set up a PayPal account to receive any payments from us under this payout scheme. You can read how to & set up your PayPal account at
  3. As a back-up payment solution, we reserve the right to make payouts in Tesco gift cards ( which we will send electronically to your email address provided during registration of your account with our app. Make sure you’ve provided your valid email address and check your mailbox regularly (including “spam”).
  4. The amount of a payout (a nominal value of your Tesco gift card) will be equal (or rounded up at our discretion) to the total amount earned with our app during the relevant week. For example, if you make 5 parking exchanges during a week, you receive a payout (or your Tesco gift card) for a total of £10.00 (representing £2.00 for each parking exchange).
  5. If Tesco gift cards are used for payouts, no payment will be made until you’ve earned at least £5.00 (which is the minimum nominal value of Tesco gift card currently available). We reserve the right to substitute a reasonably equivalent alternative reward, of equal or greater value, should circumstances make this necessary.

Who operates the app and makes payouts?

  1. The app is promoted & operated and all payouts are made by Parkflow UK Limited, a company incorporated in accordance with the laws of England and Wales with company number 11561580 and registered office at 4 More London Riverside, London, SE1 2AU (please do not send questions about this payout scheme or these T&Cs to this address).
  2. Any decision of Parklook as to eligibility to take part in this payout scheme or the result of this payout scheme will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into. We accept no responsibility for app registrations that are incomplete, delayed or unsuccessful, whether due to failure or non-availability of the app, the submission of incomplete information or any other reason. We also accept no responsibility for parking offers and/or parking exchanges which are not counted due to user error, failure or non-availability of the app or reasons outside our control.
  3. These T&Cs are subject to English law. Any disputes must be referred to the English courts. Consumers in Scotland or Northern Ireland may additionally bring proceedings in their local courts. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) here if you need further information on how our app works or send any questions you have via